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Stargazing Forecast

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About the Stargazing Forecast
  • Thursday

    Aug 16

    5 out of 10 (medium - high)

    Good Conditions will be good for stargazing.

    Some sun; hot, humid Hi 92° Low 77° Humidity 47% forecast details
  • Friday

    Aug 17

    2 out of 10 (medium - high)

    Poor Expect poor conditions for stargazing.

    A heavy afternoon t-storm Hi 88° Low 72° Humidity 74% forecast details
  • Saturday

    Aug 18

    1 out of 10 (medium - high)

    Poor Expect poor conditions for stargazing.

    A thunderstorm in spots Hi 82° Low 68° Humidity 71% forecast details
  • Sunday

    Aug 19

    8 out of 10 (medium - high)

    Very Good Conditions will be very good for watching the night sky.

    Partly sunny Hi 78° Low 66° Humidity 63% forecast details
  • Monday

    Aug 20

    9 out of 10 (medium - high)

    Excellent This is a great night to be stargazing!

    Mostly sunny; pleasant Hi 78° Low 67° Humidity 64% forecast details

Moon Phases for New York, NY

Waxing Crescent



Planet Rise & Set Times

r: 5:20 AM
s: 7:04 PM
r: 10:02 AM
s: 9:36 PM
r: 7:08 PM
S: 3:53 AM
r: 1:02 PM
s: 11:19 PM
r: 4:51 PM
s: 2:10 AM
r: 10:35 PM
s: 12:05 PM
r: 8:46 PM
s: 8:08 AM

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Auroral Ovals

The Stargazing Forecast considers weather conditions and the lunar cycle to forecast the peak evenings for amateur astronomy.

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    This Windows Vista™ gadget is handy for astronomers and features a NASA Solar Monitor which contains near-realtime and archived information on active regions and solar activity.

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    The Antonin-Rukl Lunar Atlas is the standard for the Lunar Observer; it details the lunar surface as seen through the telescope.

  • Solar Eclipse Calculator

    For Mac OSX® - Developed by Xavier Jubier

    This widget computes the local circumstances for any solar eclipses from 1970 to 2039.

  • SOHO Solar Prominence Feed

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    This gadget is very useful to people who own and operate "Coranados' Line of Solar Telescope" the last 48 hours of real time feed updated every hour from NASA's SOHO Project.

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    Perfect for stargazers and amateur astronomers, this Widget keeps track of eleven of the most spectacular meteor showers visible throughout the year, and notifies you when they are active.

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Today's Star Gazing Forecast

Rating: 5 out of 10

Good Conditions will be good for stargazing.

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